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Business Customers - English language training for your staff | Birmingham | Black Country | West Midlands | ILS Education Centre

English training on your premises or at our centre


In the era of globalisation the ability to speak English is essential to any international business communication. Employers realise that the development of the human resources increases the company’s efficiency.

ILS Education Centre is a modern company, pioneering with combining best and the latest standards and trends in the English language methodology applied across the UK and EU, and who are proud to offer the following range of training for businesses and educational establishments:

Practical English for work - If you need your employees to communicate well in English in the workplace, this training is available at six language levels of difficulty. It equips employees with English Language skills needed in the workplace and thus will increase their confidence and efficacy.

Teach your staff to read and write in English - If a valuable member of your team struggles with reading and writing in English, we have got a highly efficient training designed for this occasion.

Business English (BEC) ends with Cambridge qualifications: Business Preliminary, Business Vantage, Business Higher - suitable for adults who are either preparing for a career in business or already at work.

A bespoke language training we will design a bespoke training progrmamme for your staff - please enquire or book a complimentary assessment.

ILS EDUCATION CENTRE is going to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

We aim to design and deliver highest quality courses and training solutions to enable your staff to communicate effectively in the workplace.
Our English training aims to develop essential language skills for correct and efficient communication in the English language in workplace environment.

ILS EDUCATION CENTRE will take care of your employees/customers’ English language needs - our bespoke language courses will develop effective interpersonal and work place communication skills in a short period of time.

- Accurate teacher selection is one of the key elements that contributes to our clients' satisfaction and educational progress.
- Our highly educated and experienced teachers have impeccable references.
- All the training materials are tailored to the clients’ interests and needs.

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